Respect at UKNOF

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Ask any director or committee member and they will tell you that UKNOF’s primary mission is “distribution of clue”. Our mailing list and meetings exist as an open environment which encourages information sharing and learning, to build an inclusive and welcoming community between the people who run the UK’s IP networks.

By participating in UKNOF activities you are confirming your commitment to follow these principles.

  • When you participate in UKNOF remember to show others respect and courtesy regardless of who they are and who you are, whether it’s online or in person at a UKNOF event.
  • That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree or have a heated debate, just remember to avoid getting personal.
    • Nobody should feel hesitant or afraid to participate in discussions.
    • Focus on the idea, and not the individual on the other side of the debate.
  • Behaviour which is felt to be disrespectful, harassing or discriminatory does not belong at UKNOF.
  • If you feel as though you’re not being treated with respect and courtesy by a fellow UKNOFer, and you’re comfortable doing so, firstly try telling that individual that you think they have overstepped the mark. They may not realise they have gone too far in your opinion, or it’s just a misunderstanding.
  • If they don’t listen, or you feel uncomfortable with behaviour you hear or see and need someone to talk to, then ask a member of the UKNOF PC or Meeting Organisers, who will have their badges clearly marked, or email

We will do what we can to help resolve such misunderstandings or disagreements. If it’s found to be necessary, those who can’t or won’t be respectful could, at the discretion of the UKNOF Directors, be asked to leave a meeting and/or have their participation on the mailing list subject to moderation.