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Indico is a tool that allows you to manage complex conferences, workshops and meetings.

It is being actively developed by CERN.

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Admin access

Login via the link on the top right, click pencil icon on the top navigation to enter the admin site.

Server details

Indico uses ZODB to store conference data and settings, this is started automatically via an entry at the end or /etc/rc.local.

Creating an event

Either copy an existing event or create a new of the type ‘conference’. After initial creation disable all items in ‘Layout > Menu Display’ except for: Overview and Youtube Channel.

Opening registration

When opening registration enable Registration, Modify my registration, Registration form and Attendee List.

Call for presentations

Asking for submissions - only enable Call for Abstracts, View my abstracts and Submit a new abstract. Ensure that after submissions have been made all 3 of those menu options are disabled. These must be turned off before you ask confirmed speakers to submit their material, this is to avoid confusion with speakers uploading their presentations to the wrong place.

Add breaks

For each break – lunch, coffee etc, hit ‘Add new’ then Break. Enter the start time and duration, these should appear in blue on the timetable.

Add talks

Normal talks should be added to the timetable as contributions, ‘Add new’ then ‘contribution’.

  • Enter the title, start time and duration.
  • Save the contribution so it appears on the timetable
  • Click on the talk and select ‘Edit contribution properties’
  • Add each of the presenters for the talk.
    • First see if they are registered in Indico already, ‘Add Presenter’ then ‘Add Indico User’
    • If they haven’t registered already then ‘Add Presenter’ then ‘Add New’ and create them an account.
    • Grant each presenter submission rights, this will send them an email asking them to register if they aren’t an existing user.

When a talk presenter logs into Indico they’ll see a small drop down arrow on the public timetable, selecting ‘Manage Material’ will allow them to upload files.

Protecting content

After the meeting has finished we need to protect the material, this will stop speakers logging and changing their uploaded files. Todo List users that haven’t registered yet Open the conference, hit ‘Lists’ on the left hand nav, then ‘Pending people to become Indico users’.

User management

Hit ‘Server admin’ on the top navigation, then ‘Users and Groups’ on the right hand side, ‘Manage Users’ tab.

Downloading all slides for the presenter laptop

Go to the conference page (you don’t need to be logged in to do this), click the More dropdown at the top, pick Download material, then Get Package.