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Aims and Objectives

  • To act as an open forum for operational, technical and engineering information exchange, co-operation and co-ordination between Internet, Ethernet and other public telecommunications network operators within the United Kingdom.
  • To pro-actively support the sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practices to enhance the effective, stable and secure operation of the UK's Internet infrastructure as a whole.
  • UKNOF's remit is technical, and any discussion or activities involving commercial, legal or political issues should be limited to where they have a direct impact on technical aspects of network operations. UKNOF's mailing lists may not be used for promotion of commercial activities or products.


  • Participation in UKNOF events, mailing lists, and other activities is targetted at those actively involved in UK network implementation and operations, but is open to any interested party. This includes but is not limited to companies, non-commercial organisations and individual professionals. "Membership" is defined as all those who attend events and/or participate in activities.


  • To hold meetings at least 3-4 times a year, operate informational mailing lists, and host a web site in support of the aims. Where needed, to offer other services not readily available elsewhere in support of the objectives.
    • At least one meeting per year inside London area
    • At least one meeting per year outside London area
  • To form working groups as required to address particular requirements or issues. Policies to be defined by consensus amongst meeting participants.
  • To liase with other network co-ordination bodies, including but not limited to RIPE, NANOG, other (inter)-national NOGs, IETF, Internet Exchange operators, Domain Name Registries, the Internet Society, trade associations, and self-regulation bodies.
  • To act as an informed, respected and objective source of technical knowledge and education for governments, regulators, law enforcement, other public servants and the media with an interest in Internet operations. To avoid direct lobbying activities unless there is strong consensus amongst participants that proposed legislation will have a direct adverse impact on technical aspects of network operations.
  • To promote and encourage use of open, non-proprietary standards based upon IP technology for network operation. To encourage and facilitate the eventual migration of UK network infrastructure to IPv6.


  • A Programme Committee of 8-12 volunteer individuals including Chair. Appointment to the Programme Committee is subject to ratification by the Funding Council. The Programme Committee's primary role is to solicit and approve speakers and presentations for UKNOF meetings.
  • A Funding Council comprising representatives of those Subscriber Sponsor organisations who make a commitment to underwrite UKNOF's activities on an annual basis. This commitment will usually comprise a subscription in cash or in kind of at least £1000 per annum value. The Funding Council provides governance and oversight of UKNOF activities in accordance with this Charter.
  • A Secretariat which is contracted to provide administrative, accounting and other services as required for the operation of UKNOF on a renewable basis. Since 2005 this has been provided by UKIF.
  • UKNOF will operate on a non-profit basis, and it is intended that meeting costs will be covered primarily by Vendor Sponsor dues in order to allow low-cost participation for the widest range of attendees.
  • Revenues in support of UKNOF activities may come from registration fees, sponsorship, and potentially subscriptions for specific services offered.

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