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UKNOF's governance is overseen by a group of representatives from a range of non-profit organisations which play key roles in the UK's Internet infrastructure:

BBC - Brandon Butterworth

Person Brandon.png Chief scientist for the BBC's research and development team and the man who first registered, Brandon Butterworth was responsible for the corporation's first faltering steps online and continued to force digital communication on a reluctant analogue colossus until it finally relented. He pioneered streaming radio on the web and was still personally backing up the whole BBC website until 2003.

ISC - Stephen Morris

Person StephenMorris.jpg Dr. Stephen Morris is the Senior Director of Software Engineering at ISC. He moved to ISC from Nominet where, as manager of their Advanced Projects Team, he project managed the introduction of DNSSEC into the top-level .uk domain. He has also been a co-chair of the IETF DNS Operations Working Group. Prior to entering the Internet industry, Stephen spent twenty years at Tessella, a scientific and technical computing consultancy.

While there he worked on and managed diverse software development projects, ranging from nuclear waste repository modelling software to a bank note design system.

Stephen obtained a B.Sc. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Astronomy, both from Imperial College, London.

IXLeeds - Andy Davidson

Person AndyDavidson.jpg Linkedin

Andy Davidson is Chief Technology Officer at Allegro Networks - the world's first fully automated wholesale carrier, the current Chair of the LONAP Internet Exchange Point, and IXLeeds, Yorkshire's Internet Exchange. He is also on the advisory board of NapAfrica and a council member at The European Internet Exchange Association. Andy is interested in Core Routing and Switching operations, IPv6, and Peering. He has had responsibility for the design and operational success of many enterprise and service provider networks for around twelve years.

JANET(UK) - Rob Evans

Person RobEvans.jpg Rob Evans is a Principal Network Engineer with the JANET NOSC at ULCC in London. He is part of the team responsible for the operation, management and development of JANET, the network linking the academic institutions in the UK to each other and the internet.

Prior roles have involved the management of TEN-155, which connected the research and education networks of Europe to each other and the wider world. Before that he was involved with management of campus networks, email, and UNIX systems since SunOS 3 and AIX 2.

LINX - John Souter

Person JohnSouter.jpg John joined LINX as chief executive in March 2001. He has also been a Board member and Treasurer of Euro-IX (the IXP trade association) since inception in 2001.

LONAP - Will Hargrave

Person WillHargrave.jpg

RIPE NCC - Mirjam Kühne

Person MirjamKuehne-RIPENCC.jpg Mirjam Kühne is the Senior Community Builder at the RIPE NCC. She collaborates with various technical, security, peering and academic peers within her extensive professional network to strengthen the Internet community. She also maintains and curates RIPE Labs, a collaborative platform that supports innovative ideas and tools for the Internet.

Prior to her current role with the RIPE NCC, Mirjam worked at the Internet Society as a Senior Program Manager. She was involved in issues related to technology and public policy, bridging the gap between the technical community and a non-technical audience like government representatives.

Mirjam obtained a Masters of Computer Science at the Technical University Berlin, Germany.