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Sponsoring UKNOF

Please email admin@uknof.org.uk to discuss sponsoring a meeting, social and/or being an annual patron sponsor.

UKNOF (a not for profit organisation) relies on sponsors to help with costs for its tri-annual conferences as well as the costs of managing ongoing communications and promoting our and your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. There are a number of ways to participate as a sponsor - further details further down this page.

Generally, UKNOF meetings are free to attend and this is thanks to our meeting sponsors. No other meeting exists like us as we do not charge the majority of registrants any attendance fees. It is all about being open and transparent and giving everyone a chance to attend. Other similar meetings tend to be closed affairs or charge hefty fees.

What we do is allow anyone with an interest to attend. We don’t just get the “usual suspects” from the global Internet meeting circuit at UKNOF, but a real cross-section of the UK Net Ops community – we can use UKNOF to bring the best of the content (and well known speakers) from the global circuit to a UK audience that can’t get to the bigger meetings, and cover topics which are closer to home and of specific interest to the local community.

UKNOF is about spreading the knowledge, the networking between people - to create a better informed industry.

UKNOF offers a range of sponsorship options each with a number of benefits for the sponsor. These include opportunities to present to the UKNOF attendees in the meeting and live webcast plus the regular promotion of your brand in event communications in online and print media where applicable.

Sponsorship Opportunities in 2014

Meeting Roadmap

UKNOF runs three main meetings per year - generally in January, April and September - around the UK. There are also plans to run "UKNOF On The Road" meetings in collaboration with other organisations.

For 2014, the meeting roadmap currently looks like:

  • UKNOF27 - 21 January - Manchester
  • UKNOF28 - 24 April - Reading
  • UKNOF29 - September - specific date and venue TBC

UKNOF may also have 2 "On The Road" meetings.

Individual Meeting sponsorship

Various sponsorship opportunities exist, each with different levels of benefits. Sponsorships contribute toward meeting running costs.

All Individual Meeting sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Public recognition during the meeting, opening and closing remarks
  • Recognition on the UKNOF mailing list and social media channels
  • Your logo on the meeting microsite linked to your own website.
  • Your logo on applicable slides in the meeting and meeting webcast.
  • Your logo on event banners/event t-shirts/event give-away bags if and when applicable

Additional benefits are listed in each subsection below.

  • Support ‡‡
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Host ‡

All sponsorship levels listed above allow for multiple sponsors per meeting. If you are interested in sole-sponsorship then please contact us.

UKNOF appreciates the support of the sponsors regardless of whichever meeting sponsorship level is chosen.

‡ Host Responsibilities: Venue hunting (to UKNOF's requirements), venue hire (with UKNOF's approval), all technical and other meeting facilities, full catering, assistance with finding accommodation for delegates, constant point of contact in the run up to the meeting, during set up and the meeting day. Note, this sponsorship includes some other sponsorship categories.

‡‡ Support

  • This sponsorship allows you to be creative with the offering.
  • Examples include:
    • lunch
    • breakfast
    • coffee breaks
    • barrista
    • T-Shirts
    • badges

If you have any other ideas, do let us know. All creative ideas must also incorporate the UKNOF logo.

Final idea/design will be reviewed and must be approved by UKNOF.

Note: The Sponsor is responsible for costs and production the creative idea. All designs and ideas will be reviewed and must be approved by UKNOF in advance.