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Guidelines for Speakers at UKNOF Events

  • Presentations normally need to be uploaded at least TWO WORKING DAYS before the start of the meeting
  • UKNOF uses the "Indico" <https://indico.uknof.org.uk/> open-source conference management system, which handles speaker presentation uploads. You will need to create yourself an account on this if you did not do so when you submitted your abstract.
  • Please ensure you have upload access, and familiarise yourself with Indico in advance of the submission deadline.
  • You can then upload your presentation by logging in, then going to the "Confirmed Speakers" contributions list on Indico.
  • Click on the talk title against your name, then click on the box to the right of "Files" - you will see an "Add Material" link - clicking on this will give you a dialogue box to upload your slides.
  • Our ethos at UKNOF is open, and it is our expectation that materials for all talks will be available in the public domain. We realise however that some employers may require you to not publish slides, their source, and/or video of your presentation online to people outside the room. Please let us know well in advance if this is the case, and we will do our best to accommodate your constraints. Note however that we cannot prevent any or our 300+ attendees from making or distributing their own recordings of any talks, and we will not take measures to enforce such restrictions.
  • Note that your slides will default to be publicly visible on the meeting site as soon as you upload them. If you wish to embargo them or keep your content confidential until you present, please check the "Private" access option in the upload dialogue box.
  • Please upload your slides in both their original format, and as a PDF.
    • In order for the widest audience to be able to view your slides via the UKNOF website, we request that you upload your slides in PDF format.
    • Please if you can, also upload your slides in the format you wrote them in, e.g. PPTX, Keynote, ODP. This will ensure they are display correctly on the webcast video.
  • All slide uploads/formats will be copied to the presenter laptop (a Mac), which should be able to display most slide file formats including animations natively.
  • This preparation will allow us to smoothly run all the presentations off a single laptop, and ensure your slides are visible to remote viewers.
  • UKNOF's meetings are webcast, which will be recorded for UKNOF's public video archive on YouTube <http://www.youtube.com/user/uknofconf>. We do this via an application running on the presenter PC which creates a split-screen video feed of you as presenter and the current displayed slide.
  • Please submit your slides with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Our webcasts use an aspect ratio of 16:9, and our webcasting platform inserts video of the speaker to one side of a feed of the slides, using the extra space between 4:3 slides and the 16:9 for the speaker. Keeping your slides to 4:3 will avoid us having to squish or truncate (!) you or your slides in the webcast. If you can save your slides with a page resolution of 1280x960 or 1280x720 that will work well.
  • Please ensure the first slide of your deck clearly includes the event name, your name, your affiliation, the event, and the title of your talk. It is a good idea if you repeat the contents of this slide when you start.
  • We will drive the presenter laptop remotely so you should not need to worry about anything other than advancing your slides while speaking. Please ask during the break before your talk if you have any questions about this arrangement, or need help with microphones, demos, or need to play audio/video as part of your presentation.
  • Our webcast camera is fixed on the lectern, so we recommend that you stay behind it for the duration of your talk, and avoid moving around the stage.
  • Use of other laptops means webcast participants would be unable to see your slides and will disrupt the flow of presentations.
  • Note there may be remote participant questions via IRC on <irc.terahertz.net:#uknof>
  • It would be helpful if you could e-mail <admin@uknof.org.uk> to let us know once you have uploaded your slides successfully, or please e-mail <indico@uknof.org.uk> if you need help, or have special requirements.
  • Please also use your Indico login to register for the meeting and confirm your attendance, talk title, and affiliation if you did not already do so.
  • The time-lined agenda will normally be available under "Meeting Agenda" on the Indico event site at least a week, and normally a month, before the event.
  • Note that speaking slots are of variable length, and _include_ 5-10 minutes for questions. We will have a volunteer in your line of sight who will show countdown flash-cards at 10, 5, 2 and zero minutes before question start time at the end of your talk.
  • Please let us know ASAP if your proposed slot would clash with your travel arrangements or availability, and we'll do what we can to accommodate.
  • Due to scheduling requirements beyond our control, we sometimes need to change speakers' slots right up until the actual event. We recommend you plan to attend for the whole day, and avoid attending for only your scheduled speaker slot. Please let us know if this will be a problem.
  • We will have full connectivity to the meeting with wireless access. We usually have over 200 attendees in the room and another 60-80 by webcast.
  • As UKNOF meetings are open to all, note that journalists may be in the audience, and that what you present and say may be quoted in the media.
  • Note that the "dress code" at UKNOF is best described as "geek informal", no need to wear jacket, tie or heels for our audience !

Thanks again for supporting UKNOF by agreeing to give a presentation !