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= UKNOF1 - SOCITM, London, 25th May 2005 =
= Meeting Information =
= Meeting Information =

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Meeting Information

Date: Wednesday 25th May 2005 Venue: SOCITM, London Sponsor: TelNic Chair: Keith Mitchell Admin: Steve Harris


  • 09:30 Coffee
  • 10:15
    • Introductions
    • Agenda updates
    • UKIF Introduction and Rationale, Willie Black, UKIF Chair
    • UKNOF Introductory Presentation, Keith Mitchell, UKNOF Chair
    • Questions/discussion
  • 11:15 Ofcom and Internet Technology: Steve Unger, Ofcom Technical Director
  • 11:45 ISP VoIP Issues and Opportunities: Tim Brooks, Technical Director, CIMOL technologies
  • 12:15 Registry Update: John Dickinson, Nominet
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 14:00 Updates from UK Internet Exchange Operators
    • LINX: Mike Hughes
    • LIPEX: Panny Malialis
    • LoNAP: James Rice
    • MaNAP/NWIX: Nick Whittaker
    • MCIX: Marcus Hopwood
    • Union IXP: Fearghas McKay
  • 15:00 UK Internet Infrastructure Protection: Bob Downie, NISCC
  • 15:30 Discussion: Need for UK NSPSEC group ?
  • PGP signing
  • 15:45 Coffee
  • 16:00 IP Address Aggregation Best Practice: James Rice, Jump Networks
  • 16:15 Alternative Access Technologies: Malcolm Corbett, Access to Broadband Campaign
  • 16:45 Audience Participation: "Peering Personals"
  • 17:15 Final Q&A, wrap-up, next meeting


The inaugural UKNOF Event on May 25th 2005 was attended by the following delegates

Name Position Affiliation
Abdussamad Undre Internet Network Engineer Rednet Ltd
Adam Filby -- Force10 Networks
Adrian Wooster -- CBN
Alan Price Director Telnic
Aled Morris -- Alice Networks
Andrew Chant Network Manager Datanet
Andy Smith -- Aspective Ltd
Asquith Bonaparte -- AboveNet
Bob Downie -- NISCC
Bob Procter -- NTL Group
Brandon Butterworth Head of R&D BBC
Catherine Carr -- RIPE NCC
Cheryl Salmon Commercial Director NWIX Group
Chris Hall Consultant Highwayman Associates
Denesh Bhabuta -- Aexiomus Limited
Dr Willie Black Chairman UKIF
Duncan Pollard Director Worldwide Websights Ltd
Emma Moss NWIX Customer Support NWIX Group
Fearghas McKay -- UXIP
Ivan Beveridge -- Digital Dreamtime Ltd
James Cronin -- The Flirble Organisation
James Rice -- LoNAP
John Butterworth Managing Director Millipede
John Dickinson Systems Administrator Nominet
John Souter CEO London Internet Exchange
Judith Blair Managing Director Cimol Technologies
Keith Mitchell Director UKIF
Malcolm Corbett -- Community Broadband Network
Marcus Hopwood -- Internet Facilitators Ltd
Mark Castle -- Secura Networks
Mike Fallon Head of Sales and Marketing Millipede
Neil McRae -- Colt
Nick Whittaker CEO NWIX Group
Nigel Titley -- Flag Telecom
Panny Malialis -- LIPEX
Paul Thornton -- PRT Systems Ltd
Peter Davis -- Synetrix
Philip Cobb -- Axamba Ltd / Web Tapestry
Phillip Baker CTO LCHost
Rob Evans -- JANET NOSC
Rob Pickering -- IP Cortex Ltd
Simon Dux Executive Editor TotalTelecom Magazine
Steve Dyer Director UKIF
Steve Harris Communications Director UKIF
Steve Unger -- Ofcom
Susan Malec Media Liaison UKIF
Tim Brooks -- Cimol Technologies
Vanessa Evans -- LINX