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The following individuals are the current members of the Meeting Committee, responsible for the logistics of running UKNOF Events:

Brandon Butterworth


Chris Russell

Person ChrisRussell.jpg Chris is currently the Systems and DataCentres manager for a regional ISP and Services Provider, Knowledge IT in the North East of England.

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Debbie Casey

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Denesh Bhabuta (Co-ordinator, Meeting Committee Liaison to the Programme Committee)

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Also on the Board of Directors

Denesh began his career in the Internet industry 21 years ago in 1993, and although he officially began his Events Management career in 2006, his events experience spans back 27 years to 1987.

Over the years, he has been involved in technical, policy and governance aspects of the Internet - in various roles ranging up to Director level within commercial (such as Demon Internet) and non-commercial organisations (such as LONAP and UK ENUM Consortium) in addition to contributing his time as co-chair of the RIPE Policy Working Group and Policy Advisor to Nominet. He also ran his own hosting and network infrastructure company.

Denesh currently runs Meidan Ventures Limited (Business and IT Consultancy, Event Management) in the UK, and D&A Events Limitada in Portugal.

Fearghas McKay

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Keith Mitchell

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Also on the Board of Directors

Mike Hughes

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Nat Morris

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Tom Bird

Will Hargrave

Willie Black