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UKIF Ltd (Company No. 05296550, registered in England), is a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee which is the legal entity for UKNOF.

Current directors

Denesh Bhabuta ("Executive Director")

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Dr Willie Black (Chairman)

Person WillieBlack.jpg Has over 30 years' experience in implementing IT and networking solutions and in managing IT and networking projects.

Dr Black also brings wide experience of setting up, managing and developing businesses in the IT sector. Most recently, as founder, first Managing Director and chairman of Nominet UK, where he was involved not only in the technical aspects of the business, but also in the financial, legal and political aspects.


Steve Dyer

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Keith Mitchell (Managing Director)

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Mike Hughes

Person MikeHughes.jpg Mike is a freelance consultant with over 15 years of industry experience, specialising in areas of multi-stakeholder relations, peering & interconnect, and technical evangelism.

Having a degree which has nothing to do with computing, Mike's technical skills were forged in the fires of dial-up ISP tech support and network ops in the mid- to late-1990s, having to do mighty hacks to make things work, and the power of asking someone to "Reboot and if it still doesn't work, phone back".

Mike is also Chair of the Board of Trustees at University of Greenwich Students' Union.

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Nat Morris

Person NatMorris.jpg Nat currently works for Cumulus Networks, he lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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Nigel Titley

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